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FEATURED ARTIST    Sense Of Drama is a solo artist, French, who began his musical adventure in 2022. His music, with diverse influences, encompasses different styles ranging from Punk/Post-Punk/Metal to Metalcore. Sense Of Drama's lyrics and songs are often energetic, dark, and filled with messages and battles that are close to his heart, while also having a dark undertone in his approach, exploring themes of life, death, and esotericism. After encountering his inner ""self,"" Lilly, a small voice that dictates the songs swirling in his head, Sense Of Drama materializes as his virtual accomplice and mascot, who, beyond being just a spirit, demon, or supernatural being, pushes Sense Of Drama into realms for the good or ill of its creator. Discover a rock sound, dark, melodious, and filled with sadness and joy through these tracks that will not leave you indifferent.

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