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Saving Jack, a Finnish band, originally formed as an acoustic group in the village of Tikkurila. The band members, who grew up together, played on the same fields and attended the same schools. Now, they have an amazing seven member rock band! Despite their humility, their goal is to conquer the world with their music. They create music with their own unique style and always give their best to their audience. Their ambition drives them, and they are determined to leave the Saving Jack's mark to the world. The band's deep bond and shared experiences have shaped their sound, which resonates nostalgia and reflects their shared background. Tikkurila remains their home, but the band aims to reach beyond its borders. Saving Jack's constant dedication, fueled by their strong friendship, is the key to their success. They mesmerize audiences with their genuine performances, and their music tells the story of journey, passion and friendship.

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