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Hailing from the fiery depths of Finnish metal passion, Renegade Angel delivers breakneck speed power metal anthems and soul-stirring rock ballads. Infectious riffs, colossal choruses, mind-bending solos, and harmonies that wrap around your senses—they’ve got it all. Dive into their lyrical universe, where empowerment and the fight for what’s right echo in every note. Renegade Angel beckons you to be part of a collective experience—a movement resonating with the core of who you are. Feel the pulse of rebellion with Renegade Angel, as their music becomes the beating heart of a movement that unites us at our core. Join the uprising, let the music spark a revolution that intertwines with the heartbeat of our collective soul. Renegade Angel is a melodic heavy metal project by Jani Pöysä.

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