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Formed in 2005, based in southern Italy, the band Psychopathic Romantics has been performing live shows in Italy and abroad over the years and released three albums to date.

The sound is constantly evolving, due to the mix of the international-oriented songwriting style of Italian-American Mario “Dust” La Porta, singer and author of the band, and the musical research and eclectic approach by the other members of the band, Vincenzo Tancredi (Bass, Backing Vocals), Augusto De Cesare (Guitars, Bouzouki, Mandolin, Backing Vocals, Percussions), and Filippo Santoiemma Jr. (Guitars, Mandolin, MicroKorg, Programming, Backing Vocals, Percussions) that move from folk to noise, from ethereal to schizophrenic, from psychedelic to post-rock, from punk to tambourine.

The latest chapter of this evolution is the band's third album, “Bread and Circuses” (2015 - Freakhouse Records). Initially released only on digital platforms, from 2020 the “Bread and Circuses” album is also available on vinyl in a limited edition.

Two interesting collaborations stand out among “Bread and Circuses” tracks, demonstrating the band's fascination with other musical realities, which leads them to contaminate their songs with very different languages. Specifically, in “H.ash” there’s a spoken cameo in French by Amaury Cambuzat (Ulan Bator, Faust, Chaos Physique, Acid Cobra, I feel like a bombed cathedral), as “Up and Down” features the Neapolitan rapper Rob.Shamantide (Ganjafarm Cru).

In early 2022 the band signed with the label Octopus Records under the supervision of Giuseppe Fontanella (guitarist from Italian band 24 Grana and music director for Sofar Sounds Naples and other Italian festivals). The new single and video “Isolation” has been released in January 2023, which anticipates the new full record which is not scheduled yet for release.

The band is now focused on recording new songs for the new studio album, meanwhile they also play live shows mostly made up of new unreleased songs.

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