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The new single ‘FLY’ by Phil Marinucci Multimedia pays homage to AOR rock music of the 80’s, written and arranged to sound like music from that era; including elements such as vocal stacking, guitar stacking, harmony vocals, big production sound and more. The original version of the track was written in the late 80’s but never produced. It was during the pandemic that the work resurfaced and studio production began. The track was developed over a two year period with the focus of creating an 80’s AOR rock track in terms of sound and style. In order to create that 80's era sound, along with a big production feel, the song was built with over 130 layers of instruments and vocal tracks. All instruments were virtual and performed on an M-Audio MIDI keyboard. Some instrument sequences were also programmed, like the drum and complex background melodies. Since the track was developed during the pandemic, the lyrics were re-written to create a more uplifting and positive message to help those who needed it. Once the track was complete, it was mixed, mastered and distributed worldwide through TuneCore. PMM also created the artwork for the single, again following the 80’s aesthetic during that timeframe.

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