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Inspired by his maternal grandfather Tom Dennis a songwriter and performer in Texas circa 1940 to 1965, Texas songwriter Phil Coomer writes songs about life and love and sets these stories and images in motion and to life in front of you. Phil’s gentle guitar fingerpicking style combined with sweet melodies fit the lead of the lyrics and blend into focused truly original songs. Early on Phil developed a passion for music and songwriting as he listened to WABC a Pop music station beamed out of New York City to the likes of Simon & Garfunkel, John Denver and Jim Croce. Following his grandfather’s lead Phil discovered he could write his own songs from his own experiences and take listeners on a unique uplifting journey. Formal training for songwriting began at the Kerrville Songwriter school from Steve Seskin, Steve Gillette, Jon Ims and others. Phil’s drive in sharing his voice has taken the music everywhere from coffee houses, House concerts, festivals, bars and even live streams with audiences as large as half a million viewers. Livestreamed personal concerts from Phil’s kitchen and living room during the pandemic brought him more than six thousand fans from all over the world who follow him on Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, Spotify and all streaming platforms. Phil has performed live in venues from an island in Maine, to Florida and Texas.

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