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    Helsinki, FI


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Founded originally in 2004, Numento is a modern melodic death metal band from Helsinki. In their music, extreme metal styles are combined with a phenomenal and versatile female voice, ranging from operatic heights to deep growls. The band has released two albums so far, "The Cataclysm" (2019) and "The Vile Entity" (2022), the third album is going to be released in summer of 2024. Numento always leaves the audience in awe with their aggressive sound, ethereal atmosphere and an energetic live show. The versatile songs are adorned with the eerie sound of the Finnish national instrument, kantele. One of their most important merits is winning the toughest metal band competition in Finland, Tuska-Torstai in 2022 and playing at the main Tuska festival in the same year. In addition, they have warmed up the stage for Aephanemer and Smackbound at On the Rocks Helsinki.

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