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NOISE IN MYSELF is a Swiss metal band born in Lugano, TI, from the union of five musicians with different musical styles in 2020. The sound is characterized by the mix of guitars, sometimes heavy as granite and other times more psychedelic, with the melodic and poetic taste of Martina’s female singing, in several languages (mainly in English). The songs display many different arrangements, from soft and refined ones, up to the most intense rock and metal oriented ones, thus their melodic progressive metal is born. Several influences can be glimpsed in their first single “Rise to the occasion”: the band explores the alternative rock of the 90s and feels at ease with the grunge of Cobain and Vedder, up to the more metal soul of Voivod or Megadeth. Fresh from the release of the homonymous album “Noise in Myself” which came to light in the HRS-Heaven Recording Studios in Lugano at the end of 2021, the band stabilizes with a line-up of five elements.

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