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NENE BI NEZOU ROLAND known as NENE ROL Mister TOTOMAN is a Reggae-Dancehall artist-singer and Marin by profession. He was born on December 07, 1986 in Bonon, in the sub-prefecture of Bouaflé, in the region of Marahoué. He has 2 brothers and 12 sisters. He got engaged on February 17 2019 and then got married on April 12 of the same year to the American Author, Composer, and CEO of SHABBA TOP ARTIST INTERNATIONAL PROMOTION, Cindy Helene Nene, who is a writer and prophet wearing the mind of God. She is also the songwriter of the song #I HEAR HIS WISPER #. In 2018 NENE ROL dropped the single #MOOVER. In 2019 he was the Best Artist Revelation Reggae Dance-Hall at the 225 Reggae Music Awards. In 2020 he ranked among the Tops 5 Artist of the month for February on MTV ROCK and MTV USA.

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