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Mine Road are a Rock n Roll band from North County Dublin, Ireland. It's members have been playing together for many years in various different bands and projects. The band first came together in 2012 and recorded their debut EP 'Satellite'. It featured 4 songs written along with many other tracks that are still played live. Due to some of the band members deciding to emigrate to Australia and USA for a number of years. They decided to put the band on ice until everyone was in a position to play together again. Their musical connection was so strong that in 2019 they came back together with the same drive and objective , to write heavy riff driven music with huge melodies over the top while allowing their more delicate melodic side to show through. Today Mine Road are ready to deliver their songs on the live stage for everyone to hear. The recording of their first full length LP now completed and about to be released. Mine Road are ready to break down barriers and bring their version of rock n roll to anyone ready to listen.

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