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For most of my 50 years, music was everything. Life happened (you know) and writing music got pushed to the side. Now, I have reconnected to my roots of 80's, grunge, metal and believe it or not - a little country. On this adventure, I do play and sing everything. I also do all the mixing and production, however, I tend to be a perfectionist and find it extremely difficult to mix/master my own music. The producers I know tell me 'you have to stop somewhere and call it finished' - so that's what I strive for. I have played lead guitar, bass, keys and was lead singer In various bands over the last 30 years. I have played with some of the best musicians this planet has to offer (you know who you are, love you guys!) I have played in some of the most notable arenas in Erie, PA, Pittsburgh, PA, Cleveland, OH, Buffalo, NY, Denver, CO, Vegas, LA and as far south as Atlanta, GA and Abilene, TX. Been there, done that and have a t-shirt to prove it - so the saying goes. I have jammed with, opened for and hung out with some absolutely huge international artists. I was drawn back into songwriting in 2022 - a calling perhaps - and the response has been electric. I can't explain it, but I had to get these songs out no matter what. I just wanted to create something that someone, somewhere, might connect to. If nothing else, just putting myself out here to be remembered/recognized is what the basis of this project is for - anything else is just gravy. That being said, maybe a calling like this is something everyone needs in their own realm. Maybe if we all braved a step into the unknown, it would open the doors to something we thought unachievable yesterday. A path to solace and humility embraced by the power of our art. I certainly didn't see this as achievable yesterday...yet here I am...just saying.

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