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The musician Luis Amaro, played guitar in many heavy metal bands starting on the 80s in Portugal. Bands like Deadwitch, Exiled and Stone Cold Lips. In 2020, a new project started, the CoastWise hardrock band, but due to the pandemic, the rehearsals and the creation of the songs became more difficult, so the L. A. PROJECT was born as an instrumental music project in the first instance and with the elaboration of the tracks, emerged ideas to turn into songs. So, 3 songs were recorded with different vocalists Angela, Mel Pollux and Eric Castiglia because their characteristics required it. To complete the project 2 drummers with very different characteristics, Christian Gangeri and Bernardino Ponzani. This time for the new EP Luis Amaro invites to the new formation, Lukky Sparxx from Exxocet on vocals and guitar, Rich Gray from Annihilator on bass and Fabio Alessandrini from Bonfire/Annihilator on drums. The first song made is Carry On, great guitars and very melodic, with power bass and drums. The idea is to make metal melodic with good attitude.

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