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FEATURED ARTIST KOT Flame is a family music ministry Led by Guitarist James Robert and his two sons Joshua and Zane they combine a power trio of talented musicians. KOT Flame has played to audiences through the Midwest and Southern states. Guitarist and Lead Vocalist, James is an ordained minister who is affiliated with Evangel Association of Christian Ministries. His musical journey began by learning upright bass and piano. He switched over to guitar 20 years ago when he fronted the James Robert Band. James is an experienced songwriter and contributes much of the original material for the group. The bands name came from a title song “Keeper Of The Flame” God birthed into Zane’s heart. Zane and Joshua study hard and then asked their dad James for assistance. They believe the greatest accomplishment is Keeping the Flame of God’s Love/Spirit alive in our hearts as believers and passing that legacy on!KOT Flame provides rock concerts, acoustical shows and leads worship.

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