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Jon Marom Project is, Juan Pedro Romero (Jota) Born in Lleida but settled in Torrefarrera. The Project begins to take shape in early 2020 with the composition of various songs for the achievement of a record. However, he decides before such launch to debut first with 2 songs in single format under the stage name of Jon Marom (Jon (Juan) Mar (Martínez) Rom (Romero)) The single titled INFINITY TIME consists of 2 songs: 1- Infinity Time 2- Saturated (Sleep Paralysis) They are 2 songs sung by different singers, but they share a rap line, despite the fact that the music is not in its pure and simple format. As for music, Jon has managed to fuse an electronic air base in terms of rhythm, keyboards or other effects, together with some metal guitars that have characterized him so much in his career. The Launch is scheduled for the end of January 2021. Date to be confirmed by the artist.

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