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    Plymouth, UK


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Cornish sea-punk folk band JollyRoger fall somewhere between the sound of The Dropkick Murphys and Levellers. Inspired by the sea and growing up in the pirate haven of Penzance, they use nautical metaphors and pirate history to speak out about mental health issues and also the better things in life, like drinking beer. JollyRoger explodes with energy on stage and are an eclectic mix of shanty vibes, humour, and Celtic punk. Equipt with zero previous experience in the music industry, JollyRoger sailed cluelessly into the southwest music scene in 2019 with a do-or-die attitude and a mission to one day shout ‘scream for me Download’ to a bunch of metalheads and they are prepared to do what it takes. So this underdog band decided to work their cannonballs off and learn the ropes as they went. Their Lady of the Sea, Samantha Hannah, embarked on an MA in Music Business and is currently managing the band. Inspired by the comedy of Tenacious D & the stage presence and energy of Foo Fighters, Royal Republic, Electric Six & The Hives; being a pirate band hasn’t stopped JollyRoger getting on major UK Festival line ups such as Glastonbury Festival 2022, Bearded Theory’s Spring Gathering, Boardmasters Festival, Balter Festival, Lindisfarne Festival & being asked to support some of the top bands in the folk & punk genres including The Rumjacks, Ferocious Dog & Subhumans. JollyRoger are well established in the UK’s South West Music scene and put on sell out shows at grassroots venues. They have played gigs with old time favourites Fisherman’s Friends & The Wurzels, along with supporting British folk rock, pop, gypsy jazz, bluegrass ‘shake your ass’ band Mad Dog Mcrea.

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