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If you were around in the 1970’s – or indeed if your parents were – then you will have, no doubt, heard of popular soul band ‘Hot Chocolate’ at some point. Reaching the height of their fame in the mid 1970’s disco scene, their popularity carried throughout the 1980s thanks to hits such as ‘You Sexy Thing’, ‘It Started With A Kiss’ and number one hit ‘So You Win Again’. Late vocalist Errol Brown’s iconic tone gives the songs their sensual, sultry vibe and continues to make them instantly recognisable to this day. However, Brown’s departure from the band in 1986 saw the six-piece fully disband shortly after. It wasn’t until 1992 that the band was reformed with a completely new line up, including vocalist Greg Bannis. With Hot Chocolate he rocked the big stages all over the world until 2010. Bannis began touring a Bob Marley tribute show in such areas as Greece, Costa Blanca, and the U.K. He issued Calypso King in 2010 on the MAB label and reached the Top 10 album charts in Austria. Source: Wikipedia and SOPHIE BROWN

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