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FEATURED ARTIST Starting his musical journey at the age of 11 within brass bands and orchestras, Gez later took to playing the guitar and has been a constant element in his life. He found his way into several local cover bands over the years identifying his playing style and level of ability. Following a mental health breakdown in the summer of 2022 which left him broken and searching for a way to claw his way out of the darkened abyss of his mind. Finding mood diaries as a short-term expressive fix, Gez started his songwriting. Initially, songwriting was for therapeutic purposes, but as time unravelled so did the songs and began to distribute his music globally. Influenced by the likes of Stereophonics, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, T-Rex, ACDC and even Claude Debussy, Gez creates songs which capture the vibes of his influences whilst producing a fresh sound. Gez as a singer/ songwriter will continue to create and distribute his music in between work, family and his Acoustic Duo “Chaos in Control” who perform popular covers from the 70s to the present day with that refreshing twist.

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