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Before getting Flint. up and running, the two songwriters, Peter Jenner and Tony Rosenberg, had played in a covers band in Brisbane, Australia. “Playing the pub scene in Brisbane put us together in a great experience for performance,” explains Tony. “But as for creating music, it was less than what I was looking for.” Peter was playing rhythm guitar in the band when they joined forces, quit the covers thing, and went into the studio to write their own material. “Writing songs in isolation, just guitar and vocals, was great… until we got the rest of the band together,” muses Peter. “Bringing in the bass and drums threw us for a loop.” A good loop. “Drums and bass have really brought the sound together, even though we are essentially a guitar rock band.” Tony Rosenberg (vocalist / lyricist) and Peter Jenner (songwriter / guitarist) have been playing together for almost three years now, and writing as Flint. for almost 2 years. John Doyle (bass) and Brian Foulds (drums) joined Flint. in late 2020 and the fruit of their efforts is the band’s debut EP, a five-song compilation with a rock sound with an edge.

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