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    Tillery, NC, United States


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Ebony's musical journey started at an early age with writing songs, singing in choirs and performing in talent shows. She was also in her High School marching band and jazz ensemble. Ebony played trumpet and became the first female drum major at the school in her senior year. She moved to New York City for a while in 1998 where she performed, recorded demos and once even appeared as an extra on Law & Order. Ebony has been releasing music independently since 2006. Her alternative sound consists of pop, rock, hip-hop, gospel and r&b blended together with lyrics that are inspirational. She released her first album, 'Ebony' in 2015 that's been supported by some radio stations and other media in different parts of the world. Since 2012, Ebony has been bringing joy and comedy to others as the feisty but sweet church lady, Mother Tell All. She enjoys doing stand-up as Mother Tell All and shares videos on social media to spread love and laughter.

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