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Diesel Park West could well be the biggest enigma in UK music. This brand new album “Presley Trap” brings their tally to the partial miracle of eleven official releases. Miraculous if only because media interest and by association public awareness of them has pretty much been minimal since the initial brief upbeat reaction to their debut album Shakespeare Alabama in pre -Roses 89...No real hits and hardly ever on any promoters must have list they have nevertheless carried on being what they are which in reality is purveyors of some of the most sublime and crafted rock n roll of the past thirty five years if not even further back...Seemingly immune from the vagaries of trend they appear to have waited knowingly for sensibilities to come to their own station and whilst no one would have noticed it back in the day that is exactly what has happened.... ”Presley Trap” lets us all in on the secret of song craft wrapped up inside an indomitable spirit which this band are quite possibly near to the best we have. We just don't seem to hear songs that can touch as much as “The Wound That Doesn't Heal” or swing like the autobiographical “Bump In The Night” and “Six a.m.Two Coffees In” any more. The Diesels go beyond mere suggestion to deliver in real time with these fifteen tracks and will have their own piece of the field real soon. You see.

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