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Darkly Energetic, Alternative Rock Band 'Deep Sleep Atlantic' announced their debut single "Bipolar Tendencies" released on March 31st. New Orleans’ Deep Sleep Atlantic is the dynamic duo of prolific frontman Travis Marc and heavy hitter Daniel Perez. Referencing well-established alt-rock and post-punk sounds, yet also featuring intriguing and innovative production values, the track will offer both familiarity and provocation to new listeners. The single is a testament to the band's dedication and passion for creating unique music that is of the highest quality and should connect well with their fans. Deep Sleep Atlantic consists of lead vocalist and guitarist/producer Travis Marc, and backing vocalist and drummer/producer Daniel Perez, both based in New Orleans. The single was mixed by Jetta In The Ghost Tree producer - Taylor Tatsch and mastered by Deep Blue Something's Todd Pipes. We're thrilled to finally share our debut single 'Bipolar Tendencies' with the world," say the band. "It's a song that we've poured our hearts and souls into, and we can't wait for fans to hear it and experience it with us".

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