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DASHA STAPEN is a young pop star with silver clear voice, well-educated musician, talented, beautiful, sexy, ambitious – the combination of all features and qualities what each real artist must have. She sang in chorus and various bands and took part into theatre and musical performances. For several years Dasha was going for classical choreography what later turned up a very good base to become a good dancer. By now Dasha and Anna already got 9 international releases on ACN Music label which is available worldwide. The latest one is very special: pop track “Isolated” with dub step elements became the most magical song of ACN Music roster ever performed by Dasha Stapen. Special sound effects and cosmic theme put this song in the fantasy genre. Various international A&R managers have already called this a production of a future. “Isolated” written, composed and produced by Anna C. Nova was officially release in April and was #12 in power pop chart on Sound Click and at the moment it’s #16 in pop chart on Song Vault.

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