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DARK SIDE OF LIGHT is a soundchild of the nouveau California scene. Natives, Nik Frost and Grant Conway birthed this tangerine slice of novel, tripped-out folk-hop to counteract the anxiety-filled hours of our new normal. Conceived over the last four months as a distraction from the timeless nature of the New Normal, the duo was looking for new artists to listen to but found a landscape of music that repeated itself. Tired of searching for something fresh and new, they burrowed into a deep, sonic exploration to make a sound of their own. “We didn’t want to be a traditional band,” says Frost, “so we started writing from the genesis of beats and rhythm tracks that we thought were cool.” Conway is a drummer by nature and a producer/engineer by trade. Put this up against Frost, a singer/songwriter/DJ who’s worked with everyone from Malcolm McLaren to Photek, and the duo were bound to come up with something fresh and inspiring.

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