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Dark Beauty mixes elements of contemporary hard rock, classic progressive rock and opera to tell the dark, rich stories that burst forth from lead singer Liz Tapia’s mind. The band was formed to record a three-album cycle telling the tale of the character of The Dark Angel, her fall from grace and hopeful redemption. Liz takes on the role of The Dark Angel while performing, and the character changes from meek to powerful as the story progresses. While she’s passionate about the music, Liz says “it’s really all about the story. I want to pull the audience into The Dark Angel’s world.” Dark Beauty made its live debut at Progstock, a three-day festival in Rahway, NJ in 2018. While the band fits comfortably within the progressive rock world, elements of pop, dance, opera and heavy classic rock are all part of the mix. The songs are complex and rich, yet a focus on memorable melodies, story-based lyrics, and lean instrumental sections allow Dark Beauty’s music to appeal to a wide variety of listeners.

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