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David MacDonald Is a singer-songwriter from Amherst MA (stomping grounds for bands including DinosaurJr., Pixies, and Sebadoh). With alternative rock, punk, and classic pop influences, David crafts songs from a number of perspectives making the music of COUCHBOY sometimes unpredictable. Recent releases have harkened the sounds of 90’s grunge, 60's folk rock, jangly to psychedelic, punk to lo-fi inspirations-- but all with a signature sound. His early influences were classic bands, especially The Kinks and The Who. At 15, he won an acoustic guitar in a Beatles trivia contest and taught himself to play from listening to records. Discovering punk and alternative rock, David played bass in many groups before forming JASPER in Chapel NC., recording a cd with producer Caleb Southern (Ben Folds, Archers of Loaf, Fear of Pop) and touring the east coast (including playing at SXSW and Richmond Music Festival) before moving to NYC with a production deal and performing throughout the city.

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