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Chris Jones Band (CJB) is an Award winning American Rock Band from the Pacific Northwest, located near Seattle/Tacoma WA. CJB's Sound cultivates from the diverse musical influences and backgrounds that each member brings alive in the music. Chris and Charlie both grew up in Washington, home to Alternative and Grunge Rock. Chris relocated to Coastal North Carolina for many years, adding that Southern Flare to his music. Charlie comes from generations of Classical and Old School trained musicians. And Jeremy, a Canadian born transplant to the Midwest then the Pacific Northwest, brings Soulful Bluesy influences with some harder edgier rock. Jeremy and Chris had met while Chris was on a Solo Tour in 2013-2014, the two stayed in contact and after the tour was over Chris relocated from North Carolina back to his home State, Washington. Jeremy brought his friend and old band mate, Charlie to meet and jam with Chris, and the band officially formed in June of 2014. They started playing covers of popular Rock, Country, and Pop music at local music venues around the PNW. They incorporated Chris' original music in with the covers, setting them apart from being just another cover band. They released their first set of original CJB music in 2017 (American Radio EP) and have been continuing to write and produce #1 Hit Songs that have fans across the Globe raving about Chris Jones Band.

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