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HALL OF FAME artist Chris Aguayo (born in 1991) is an American guitarist, songwriter, singer, & producer. He was born and raised in New Jersey and started creating music and playing guitar in bands in his early teens. He continued music through high school and college, graduating with a Bachelors Degree in composition and performance at Moravian College. From 2010-2019 Chris was a writer/co-writer of music released by Inner Sounds, Agustina Giovio, Elodie, Niki Sumka, What's Black is White, and Aguayo. He played guitar on all of these releases as well as on Adam Benefield's ""Many Moons"" (2018). He also composed for and was featured by the Moravian College Big Band, Orchestra, Choir, and other small ensembles. Chris is recognized by WFMZ-TV as a uniquely talented songwriter and has been featured on their show on multiple occasions in addition to hundreds of other music performances under his belt. Chris' music has also been featured in the movies ""A Score To Settle"" (starring Nicolas Cage & Benjamin Bratt) and ""Night Sweats"" (starring John Wesley Shipp).

Chris' writing style as a guitarist and producer for other singers is a blend of funky pop, rock, and soulful jazz. He uses moody chords, guitars, and often blends synthesized sounds. His recent release of ""Find My Ooh La La"" with Agustina Giovio is comparible to Muse with dark romantic chords and whaling guitars, but blended futuristic and minimal production, creating a tasteful dynamic and futuristic sound with guitars and a classical/romantic vibe. As a singer, Chris' music is more melancholic with Rock, Blues, & Alternative genres being more prominent. His band, Inner Sounds released an album at the start of 2019 which sounds more industrial and heavy. Inner Sounds is based on self-acceptance and the debut album is conceptualized around that while musically being influenced by Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, Muse, & Depeche Mode.

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