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Coming straight from Lille, northern France, this rock bomb is about to explode worldwide. As catchy as polemical, it will turn you to its side without you even noticing. Painting the world with raw colours, Cannonball's songs target society's wounds, intimate epiphanies or sheer non-sense : nothing is out of its range (no pun intended). Born in the mind of Ian – a singer-songwriter active in different genres like pop, folk, electro, groove or swing – Cannonball gives him the opportunity of spitting his venom. Along with anger and frustration – main fuel of rock’n’roll for decades – a deeper analysis of our society is another key to unlock Cannonball’s safe. You’ll get food for your soul and your mind. With influences from classic rock to grunge, power pop, pop-punk, indie rock, metal or french cancan, Cannonball's watchwords are "melody" and "energy". Ready? FIRE!!!

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