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Brother (David Bingaman) and The Hayes (Jennie Hayes Kurtz) are siblings hailing from Dallas, Texas. Growing up, Jennie Hayes sang in the choir while David taught himself to play guitar by listening to blues musicians like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Ligntin’ Hopkins. They both became interested in folk music and songwriting in college and began to collaborate while attending the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. David and Jennie Hayes found that their love for the blues, traditional country music, and bluegrass was the perfect vehicle for their playful, honest, and story-driven songwriting. They decided to move to Nashville after college where they would dabble with careers in the music industry and settle into day jobs, gigging at night. Jennie Hayes began working for the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum where she received an extensive education on the history of country music and helped with exhibits doing things like dress mannequins with Alan Jackson's blue jeans. She eventually joined the museum's education team where she wrote and taught songwriting curriculum and organized tours and songwriting programs for students.

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