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"For over twenty years, Bend Sinister has committed to an indie rock ethos and still show no signs of slowing. Forged in the spirit of defiant, highschool rock-n-roll idealism, the group came to life in 1999 when band leaderDan Moxon(vocals/keys) rallied some classmates to start writing and performing music influenced by math, indie, prog and alternative rock. Singing about love, life on the road, and dogs, it wouldn´t be odd to hear the tender longing of a Billy Joel piano ballad followed by the grimy, fuzzed-out riffing of Queens of the Stone Age with the dramatic crescendo of a Mozart symphony culminating in a fist- pumping BTO lumber-rock singalong chorus. Over time, the band’s dedication brought multiple touring opportunities from North America to Europe supporting rock luminaries like Steve Morse and Mike Portnoy, playing major events like the Vancouver Olympics and Pop Montreal, performing a private show for Them Crooked Vultures, guest spots on CBC Q, multiple WCMA and CMW Indies award nominations and CDN commercial radio hits with “Don’t You Know” and “Walk the Other Way”."

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