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Antirope are an alternative metal band founded in Munich, Germany in 2015, and while their most important influences are Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, and Neurosis, they bring us a new sound that makes the psychedelic cruel and the damned sound heavenly. Amnesia, the debut alternative metal album by Antirope runs deep and goes hard, tapping into our emotions with beautiful cruelty and authentic heaviness. It was produced by Patrick Fleischer (Lacrimas Profundere, Darkseed) and the cover art was painted by Francesca Spille. It is an honest record, a burst of anti-trend, representing the polarity of life in all its aesthetic doom and poetic subtlety. The album is not so much a statement; however, as it is an unfolding narrative, full of passion, peril, climax, and epiphany. It catalogues a journey.

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