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The Splitz are an American band hailing from the suburbs of Milwaukee Wisconsin. Founding members John Jaco (guitar,bass,synthesizers,vocals) Scott E. Berendt (drums/percussion,vocals) The band as a quintet achieved regional success garnering the interest of Slash/Warner Bros in 1990, but failed to reach an agreement. The band would officially go on hiatus after self releasing ""Minus One"" in 1992. Talk of reunions swirled for years, but It was not until a Facebook spoof posting in 2016 stating that a tour and new album were in the works, that the remaining original members would gather to discuss a full reunion. 2018 ""Mortality Curve"" was released receiving glowing reviews. 2020 ""Invicta"" was released with much anticipation, both albums achieving global airplay. The Splitz continue to blast furnace-twist musical genres to forge their own niche brand of Alternative Rock music. With music influences ranging from The Fixx, The Police, R.E.M., Split Enz, The Smithereens, Crowded House, Rush, and Ultravox, their eclectic musical approach leaves an indelible mark on the listener. With 3 albums to their credit, and a mid 2022 release scheduled, The Splitz continue to evolve, while pushing musical boundaries in the digital era.

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