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From the rockin' opening track "Love Bomb," to the psychedelic-leaning "Slow Like Tar," recording the band's second album was a thrill for The Space Sharks. "It was cool to know that people wanted to hear more, so we went into this album with a lot of momentum." says guitarist/lead vocalist Lonnie Richard, "And we always try to have fun, using the take that has the most groove and spontaneity, which almost always was the first or second take. We try to capture that initial spark, almost like a live recording." "We wrote a ton of songs," says drummer/backing vocalist Mike Martino. "These are the ones that really fit together well as a whole. There's sort of a Brave New World/1984 vibe on a few of the songs--kind of sci fi. We think it’s our best album yet!" Mastered by Grammy Award-nominated engineer Jeff Lipton, the songs feature rocking guitars and hard-hitting drums. Crank it up!

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