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The Get Arounds are a Canadian rock band from Vancouver, BC featuring Lana Ryma on vocals, Carman Lethbridge on guitar, Paul Albert on bass and Eric Lowe on drums, Formed during the covid lockdown, Carman and Lana were stuck in their house writing songs and making demos. Lana, a career drummer and venue owner, always wanted to try singing and finally had the time to learn a new instrument, It became immediately obvious she was meant to be the lead singer and she is definitely the sound of The Get Arounds. Add in the flavors of longtime musical collaborator Paul Albert and Vancouver celebrity drummer Eric Lowe and The Get Arounds are quickly becoming one of Vancouver's most exciting bands to see. February 18, 2023 they celebrate their first self released recording The Get Arounds - I Wanna Live, 14 songs mostly written by Carman that were recorded and mixed by super talented producers Rene D La Muerte and Jason Solyom, The Get Arounds - I Wanna Live is proudly in the vein of "Don't bore us get to the chorus" high energy rock and roll that somehow balances the familiar with the new.

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