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Big rock feelings come up with "The Truth (My Pillow)". It is the fourth single of the Step By Step-Project, which releases five songs every three weeks. Vocalist Nuel captures the listeners with his rough voice and sings about forbidden fruits and the truth ... "We were looking for this forbidden fruit": This is one line of the second verse and refers to a risky, perhaps even forbidden love affair, but that is precisely why it is exciting and intense. So intense that the sweet scent of love lingers in the pillow and is suddenly perceived again years later, as if from nowhere. "If you really want the truth, then trust your nose, your feeling, your senses. To find your way in today's world it is more important than ever to trust your own five senses. If the truth is sometimes difficult to the sense of smell can be a guide. Song Five - the conclusion of the Five Senses Circle - will be about strange and foreign tasting weather ...

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