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For nearly three decades Shining Force has been carrying the torch of Christian Metal establishing themselves as one of the most vital and enduring bands in the genre. Led by founder and guitarist Billy G Vaughn Sr the group has released three rapturously received records and performed many shows earning a legion of devoted fans in the process. Now as they prepare to release the most compelling music of their career they are more committed than ever to spread the word of Christ through music. Shining Force was originally formed in 1995 in Houston. Texas. In a moment of divine clarity, Billy realized his truest purpose in life was to help deliver salvation to his fellow man. he quickly assembled a band, bringing together the most talented believers and earning the whole hearted support of the local community. And while their debut album “Holy Nation” self-released put them on the map, It was the self-titled follow up which was released through BloodBought Records and their third album “By The Blood” that earned them their status as icons of Christian Metal.

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