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Self-taught musician, loving all kinds of music (as you will find out when listening to my songs). Playing in bands, but also doing solo-work. My first CD came out in 1995, with Dutch songs. In 2015 in I released a DVD - a music/lyrics/video-project, inspired by some beautiful drawings and music (with Dutch lyrics) and video-clips. In July an EP CD with Newfield & Cook (duo) came out. October 2015 I released a double album titled ALL SORTS ... ONE GUY. Some songs available on Spotify and iTunes etc. In 2016 this album was followed by English ""Shades of Blue's"" andin 2017 another Dutch album . Yearts thereafter each year a new album was released. WAVES 2CDS-album in 2018. In 2019 61-Etched in Memory and his latest album released in 2020 is called Black White Colours.

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