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Rick Cassman began his musical career in the garage of his parent's house in Ealing aged 12. His first instrument was a tennis racket with nailed on elastic bands as strings. Discovering that one of his friend's dad played the drums, he acquired a snare and a cymbal and began beating out a rhythm. And so 'Rick and The Robots' was formed with three unwilling schoolfriends - playing gigs in the alleyway to their friends. After a brief spell at Ealing School of Art, Rick befriended local college band Gnome Sweet Gnome and got a job as their lighting roadie. A band punch up after a rehearsal for a big gig at Imperial College in London forced their bass player to quit and Rick persuaded the band to let him take over. Dropping out of art college to go on the road and tour Europe, Rick was disappointed when the band split and left him high and dry.

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