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Born and raised in Seattle, I moved to Costa Rica many years ago, seeking a new way of life. A poet by nature, I hadn't considered writing music until a friend asked me to try singing an original song for him. I suggested edits to his song, and realised that I very much enjoyed adding/changing melodies to existing songs, and decided to try to write original music on my own. I was introduced to a talented producer who could take my humming and verbal description of how I wanted the song to go, and he was able to put it into digital format so others could hear what I heard in my head. I now have a home studio and am able to assist my producer more so he can literally hear what I'm thinking. The music just comes to me, starting with a small melody, usually starting with the chorus, and a couple of words, or string or words, then I create the rest of the song based upon that. I absolutely love creating new music and being able to share it with others, so they can hear what I hear. It's a magical process that fills my soul with bliss :)

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