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Joe Peacock is a singer-songwriter from Birmingham. This year he released his first ever album as a solo artist and is following that up with more EPs. Joe writes songs that tell the stories he finds interesting. Sometimes he writes autobiographical lyrics, but is also fascinated in the lives of other people, so has written about writers, explorers, hermits and even animals. Although he lives in Birmingham now, Joe grew up in a remote house in Herefordshire, a mile from the nearest village. Despite or maybe due to this rather solitary existence, he grew passionate about music at school and started playing in bands aged 15, when he was a drummer. Joe switched to playing guitar and singing when he was 21. Although Joe was always a prolific songwriter and poet, the past year has been his most prolific year ever. He has written well over 50 songs as he sought an artistic escape from lockdown life. All the songs he's released so far were recorded at home with Joe playing all the instruments and singing all the parts, although for his upcoming EP Is not everything morbid?, he enlisted the help of producer and musician Joe Adhemar.

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