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Whales sing. Scientists speculate as to why this is so. But for the human soul that knows, all things are connected, the songs of the whale represent harmony and healing released into the universal medicine wheel of life. It is theorized that Whales can find other members of that family pod no matter how many miles away they may be from one other through that song – bringing them back together again. Whales of Emotion, is an atmospheric, ambient composition with soothing synthesizers, easy pulsating drums and percussions, melodic piano and whale calls that mimic the mystical songs of our ocean friends. May it serve to call out to all of the human family – bringing us back together again no matter what tries to separate and divide us. Jamie's heart for creating can best be summed up from a quote from 'Awaken to the Spirit World': Making art and working consciously with imagery, music and words provide a focus for bringing the energies required for healing an individual, community and the planet.

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