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Fractured emerged from the pit of the pandemic after bassist, Phil Witz and drummer, Greg Amentt joined founding members Robert Brooks, vocals, Dave Faires, guitar, and Brian Smith, guitar to collaborate on creating a sound that matched the longing for freedom that the men felt. Hard slamming rock and roll infused with raw emotion, and real men with real guitars came together creating a sound that speaks to the heartbeat of America and combines the classic vocal influences of classic rhythm and blues and rock and roll with the driving rhythms and riffs of alternative metal. Fractured merges a gap in the collective consciousness of those who feel the everpresent heartbeat of this country and the call of the open road. The sound cuts through time as it cuts through your soul. Fractured is real rock and roll without all the bells and whistles. You won’t find any synthesizers in this band, only hard driving, melt your face rock and roll. But for all the grit and gravel in their sound, the men themselves are known for being as genuine as their sound. Fractured has been offering live feed videos of their performances as the pandemic started to wind down that allowed them to connect to the people in a way that made their fans feel alive and showed them that hope and life were just a heartbeat away.

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