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EU CHURCHMAN Real name (Churchman Edmond Ubisi) is a South African , born & raised music producer(From the Tsonga tribe) in Mpumalanga Bushbuckridge Casteel who is doing Gospel House, Hip-hop and other genres unspecified.His music mainly is in the languages English,Tsonga & North Sotho, but otherwise other languanges are used to spice like Zulu . His record Studio is called “warfare Sound production”(WFPro) which he owns alone. He started his music career 7 years ago, But because of growing up in a rural area things could not work out well till in 2016 , then the music business now began, being with new friends who were also into music this helped a lot in understanding the music business & production process and getting views & ideas from relevant people. Though they were not into Gospel, but he took what he needed the most and still stood by his faith. During that time he acquired much experience & has learnt a lot till he decided to resign from work and had much time into exploring now alone back in the rural .And finally decided to release his first Ep Taged(A good turn you made(Repentance) with six tracks in 2018. Since he is Christian even all the music he does is for the glory of Jesus Christ by the will of YHWH, for man to be in control not to loose control.

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