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The band was formed in summer 2010. After extensive writing sessions, Elysian Gates finally recorded their first studio album “Destination Unknown“ in 2013. In 2014, the band considered to start a new chapter as a female fronted band. The extended, almost 14 min. long single 'Seven Angels', got re-recorded. It got released, both as the extended and in a shorter radio-edit version which reached within few hours the pool position in the local iTunes rock charts. End of November 2014 the band released their project ""Northern Winds"" in collaboration with Sea Shepherd. The single instantly hit number one in the top 20 iTunes charts all genres. At the very beginning of 2015, Noémie Leer, former ‘Rude Revelation’ vocalist, took over the singers’ duties. In March 2016, Elysian Gates released their second studio album ""Crossroads"". Right now, the band is working on their third album and performing live gigs. A lot has happened since the release of the ""Crossroads"" album. Guy, Kim and Christian left the band and were replaced by Mike Christmann on guitars, Steve Krippler on drums and Jean Nyssen on bass. In spring 2020 co founding member Sue Scarano also left the band for personal reasons. leaving Mike the sole guitarist in the band. The new lineup is very creative and much more open to experimenting musically and motivation is at an all time hight.

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