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BTJMN (aka Ben) is a multifaceted producer and songwriter who just moved from Manhattan to London where he is excited to be meeting new collaborators and creating music. He cares deeply about the people he collaborates with and the projects he works on, and his technical skills and attention to detail drive his approach to engineering and mixing. When it comes to releasing his own music, his sound is stripped down and essential. His sample-based production prioritises melody, is rhythmically rooted in hip-hop, and emphasises song structure and vocals. With four studio singles now under his belt, BTJMN has shown an effortless transition from producer to artist with this project, as he seeks to uncover a more raw, direct style of storytelling. Because of his father’s Navy career, BTJMN lived in a variety of places growing up. His earliest passions were skateboarding and music, picking up new songs and genres at skateparks across America. This exposure to a wide variety of sounds and cultures are important in the context of BTJMN’s music. After attending a Summer music production program at the Clive Davis Institute in New York, BTJMN worked to make it into the full University program. There he was afforded the opportunity to learn from industry veterans and legends like Q-tip and Bob Power.

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