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Barnaby Hazen is a lifelong musician and imitiable songwriter. Babelshack Theater: Volume 1 is his return to the studio following hiatus after working professionally as a sideman on both bass and guitar for several outfits in his local area. He’s performed with the likes of Kevin Wood of the original Seattle grunge act Malfunkshun, Katie P and Angela Pope among others. Through Volume 1 he has submerged himself into the realm of EDM, layering psychedelic guitar and funk/rock bass grooves over a thick cadence of dance beats and hypnotic keys. He is also author of the twice award winning novel, Misfortunes of T-funk, based sometimes explicitly on his experience as a professional musician. He now lives in Albuquerque, NM, where he filmed the video for "Edible Product" in support of the album.

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