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In Fall 2018, I graduated from Purdue University Northwest majoring in Communications-Advertising. It was there that I learned what it really takes to run a business by using an integrated marketing communications plan. I took classes like Multi-Track Music Recording, Social Media and Public Relations, Advertising, Photography, Cinematography, Journalism, Literature, Writing and so on. I wanted to take it one step further and use what I learned in order to run and begin my career as an independent artist and entertainer. Creating and recording music is my passion and I hope that others will enjoy it just as much as I do. Over time, my writing skills have gotten better, and I want to be able to articulate messages to people that touch their hearts in one way or another. The messages behind my songs may vary for each person because everyone is different. I just want you to know there are no right or wrongs in your own values and opinions. We all carry our different experiences. I hope to make many great, and inspirational connections along the way.

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