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My influences came from the records I found in the dumpster of our local radio station (WTOD). Singles of Motown, Beatles, Hendrix, Cream, Sly and the family stone... I would get the 45's out of the trash, take them home and learn the songs. But I didn't start to write until high school, when my lead guitar player and best friend was killed in a train/car crash. His parents gave me his guitar. That profound gift sent me down the trail of singer/songwriter and gave me a refuge from the madness at home and a target for my life. After following some bad advice on advancing my career, music took a back seat and I pursued acting. I worked with Jim Parrack (True Blood) on his film, “Black Curry” and a play called Welcome Home Soldier, directed by Tony Savant at Playhouse West (Philly). When my wife decided to pursue her own career in music, her momentum inspired me to put together this collection of songs I’d never released and make an LP. So, this record is redemptive in a lot of ways. My friends guitar is featured prominently and these songs that have always been close to my heart have been resurrected along with my love of writing and recording. Four of the songs were mastered at Abbey Road in London, by Alex Wharton. That ties in with my admiration of George Martin and the Beatles, which is really sweet. It was always my dream to have my music connected to that venerable studio somehow. I would say I’m in the process of restoring a dream.

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