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Museboat Family Day is simply an open house day during which we introduce new artists on Museboat and explain them how it goes on the Museboat music channel.

During this event, you can find out what music we play, what is Artist Media Promotion Kit (AMPK), who we prefer on our broadcasting, how to become a Featured Artist, how we select Artist Of The Week or a Show Executive Producer, how to get your music on the MBMC Chart or other music shows, how to be interviewed and also other useful information about free support of your music in on a global scale either in radio or on TV channel and more.

This event begins at

  10pm London time, which is 11pm Berlin, Midnight in Moscow, 5pm in New York, 2pm in Las Vegas, 6pm Rio de Janeiro, 6am Tokyo and 7am Sydney time.

Enjoy opportunity to meet new artists and fans in the chatroom and exchange your favours to each others in this show. In person.

To listen to the stream just click "Listen Live" green button at the top of the page. Do not forget to HIDE player before entering chatroom.


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  Pop / Rock / Reggae

Museboat Music Awards Best Song 2022 Winner HiSQ is a Finnish collective of creative people. HiSQ is mostly about good songs created for the love of music. HiSQ founder and songwriter Erkki Vuokila gives free hands to Peter Engberg and the skillful HiSQ band in the studio. The songs get their final form there. The genre is of no importance, only that they all are satisfied with what they’ve done. All HiSQ songs have different singers picked with the utmost care. In 2021 they released five songs. Their new single with Marko Hietala published in September 2022, Flesh and Blood, earned number 1 positions in international radio charts. The year 2023 will be interesting, new material is on its way! Erkki and Bablo are in charge of the operation!


Here is the list of invited new artists. Find easily artist´s AMPK or a Facebook.
Tune in and join us in the chatroom on Thursday to listen to the new music on Museboat Live.
The list of artists in this program and information about the show can also be found in our Facebook group at Museboat Faily


Here is the list of special guests invited. Meet these fantastic artists by joining us in the chatroom .
Find easily artist´s audio, video, Twitter, Facebook, official website, shop directlinks and more.

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Each Maintime Show Playlist is FLEXIBLE, which means that we reserve the right to play music from artists and their fans in the chatroom before the others. Playlists of Show Replays remain unchanged.

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You can scroll up and down in the chatroom, if you missed some chatpost. It is allowed to insert links to social networks, official websites or music stores in the chat. Discussions on political, gender, religious, racist and violent topics are not allowed. Our goal is to support music regardless of religion, political beliefs, race or sexual orientation.


From March 25th, the time in some countries moves forward by one hour, so our music shows during this period start as follows:

  10pm London, 11pm in Berlin, Midnight in Moscow, 5pm in New York, 2pm in Las Vegas, 7pm Rio de Janeiro, 7am Tokyo and 9am Sydney time.

Here you can find out when this program starts in your city or region.

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