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If Johnny Cash, Kid rock, and Sam hunt had musical babies, Yo Brando would be the slightly less gifted ugly duckling! Based out of Southern California— Home to some of the most beautiful babes and awesome waves, but there's nothing salty about these beaches. Founded by Brandon Rotellini, aged 22. The genes of his musical talent dates back to his grandfather, who was a locally renowned musician and songwriter from Tennessee . He had also attended high school and was good friends with the king of rock n roll himself— Elvis Presley. It doesn't stop there though. Brandon's mother, with the looks and voice of an angel, attracted one of the most influential guitarists of the 20th century. The Eagles' very own, Joe Walsh. Joe had written a love letter to Brandon’s mother stating how he wanted to be with her, but was ultimately rejected. Way to go mom. Despite their incredible talent, both fell down darker paths and never truly pursued their passion for music. However Brandon was able to learn from their success and failures, and apply it to his future career as a recording and touring artist. Joining him are some of the best classically trained, professional musicians to come out of southern California.
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